Julia Agnes  (Niemczynowska)

is a sculptor and photographer, based out of Montreal, Canada.

'My artwork can be considered un-beautiful, vulnerable, and unapologetically confrontational.

I’m drawn to create 'aging' bodies because they have a visible history; lines and valleys, drawing a three-dimensional map of a person’s existence.

I lean away from the idea of physical flawlessness in favour of persona and mien, a more honest form of beauty. My process is intuitive, simply focusing on the female body, celebrating quotidian moments and gestures.'

"Her work is halting and honest. She captures both childhood innocence and adult maturity all in one piece. She is masterful at highlighting the joy of self- acceptance and the reality of aging and death."

- Samuel KingDavis

'J. Agnes' unapologetic sculptures veer away from the idea of physical perfection and flawlessness, and celebrate the vulnerable imperfection of age. Her work is a rebellion to the idea of universal expectations of women's beauty, and holds an antagonistic view to these beliefs. Age is a privilege that is denied to many, and J. Agnes' works are a celebration of that sentiment"

- Arta Gallery


2021      ARTA Gallery                  Sculpture                           September-Current                           Toronto, Canada

              Usine 106U                   Sculpture                            June-Sept-Dec                                 Montreal, Canada

              TOAF (Online)                Sculpture                            July-December                                 Toronto, Canada

                                                 Colour and Calm - Curated by Stéphane Monnet & Jeroen Dijkstra

                                                 Visual Voices - Curated by Alex Garant

              All She Makes               Curated online directory for women artists worldwide

2018      Usine 106U                   Sculpture                           June                                               Montreal, Canada

2016      Usine 106U                   Sculpture & Drawing            Aug, Sept-Dec                                 Montreal, Canada

              Clifton Art Gallery            Sculpture                           March                                            Bristol, United Kingdom

              Fringe Bath Art Festival      Sculpture                           May                                              Bath, United Kingdom

2015      Bristol Art Pop-Up             Sculpture & Photography      Nov                                               Bristol, United Kingdom

2010      Galerie Bielik                  Sculpture                           Jan-Oct                                           Montreal, Canada



2021     Polymer Week Magazine                      Showcase article - Interview                                            October Issue

2020     Photo Life Magazine      Winner             Showtime Photography Competition                                 vol. 45, no. 4

2016     We Are Sister Stories     Guest Blog         Choose Your Story, Assign Your Meaning


2021   Famous When I'm dead podcast


2016     Unit10                           Sculpture                            Apr-May                                      Bristol, United Kingdom


2007     BFA Studio Arts                                                                            Concordia University, Montreal, Canada