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2024 Sessions start May 1st

In the province of Quebec

*please note, dates may change due to travel and health restrictions.

All shoots are done outdoors.



What's the story behind the Women + Wilderness Project? 

You can read it here!

Am I the right candidate?

If you are someone who loves to be outdoors, be it wilderness camping, climbing, hiking, stargazing, canoeing, gardening, conservation, wild animal rescue, lake swims...  then very likely, yes!

This project is about womenX who find grounding and connection with nature.

What does it mean to participate?

Participation means spending a few hours in your favourite place, be it in your garden, in a lake or on top of a mountain. Together we find the most incredible places, and take some breathtaking pictures. You can bring the clothes you are comfortable wearing, but it is clothing optional. We usually bring snacks and take a moment to appreciate our surroundings. I've met folks at a trail head, their cabins, and in the middle of city parks.

Because of the nature (pun intended) of the project sometimes creates a good environment for deep conversation, I want to be clear that hat we talk about on the shoot is strictly in confidence. What's said on the trail, stays on the trail.

After the shoot you will be sent a set of questions, and you get to decide how much, or how little you want to share

Is there a cost? 

There is no cost for participation - in exchange for your participation, I share the images on my website and on instagram and hopefully in the future, as part of a picture book. 

You will be sent a model release to fill out before the shoot, and will be kept up to date about how the project develops. I'll send you 5 fully edited images of my choosing for you to share with friends and family. 

This project is amazing! How can I help?

Women + Wilderness is entirely self funded, and as most sessions involve a good deal of planning and travel - donations of all sorts are very welcome. All kinds of things help! Be it time, or funds for a tank of gas to get to the location, or word of mouth about the project. You can find out more about donating here.

What happens after I submit a participation request? 

I'll email you back! Usually within a day or two unless I'm travelling. Usually I'll set up a video call so we can discuss why you would like to be part of the project, and to find out if we vibe. This is a very intimate project that requires a lot of planning, (I recommend reading the origin story of how it came to be) so it's important we get along and feel really good about what we're planning. A good thing to know about me is that I'm not a bubbly or very extroverted person, but I'm genuinely interested in this community and the incredible people that are part of it and I truly love what I do. My goal is for both of us to be comfortable. This work is based on trust that goes both ways! 

Can I book now?

We will discuss dates and locations on our call! Because this is a passion project, the sessions are fit in around other bookings, so we'll work together to set a time.

Who is this not for?

People that don't like being outdoors! This is also not for anyone looking a free fashion shoot, head shots, family session or a free promotional shots for their business. I've had requests for 'quick shots' of family and friends during W+W sessions - and while I would love to take your picture with your siblings, niblings and beasts for free -  I do charge for those kinds of shoots as they require editing time and processing (also it's my job!).

If you are interested in a beautiful portrait session with your pup, or a full hearted 'day in the life' session with kids and grandparents, I do offer a host of individual portrait and family sessions, and you can find out more about that here.

Origin Story

HOW IT STARTED: The 'Women and Wilderness' project officially began on a cold winter day in February 2019, with two friends in the woods surrounding Hamilton Ontario, but the true reason for this project’s existence runs deep. ​It was created within a moment of vulnerability, of healing, thanks to two wonderful women. On a crisp February day in 2019 two of my closest friends came to visit. Each of us was grieving; the loss of a relationship, a dysfunctional job for which one friend had moved thousands of miles, and the loss of a family member. We came together in a moment of profound vulnerability, each reflecting on our histories and the events that led us to that moment. Each of us found solace in nature, so we decided to go for a hike. I brought my camera along to capture some of the landscape, however what ended up happening surprised us all. It turned into a series of portraits. As we were walking, I took some pictures of my friends. The peacefulness of the surroundings brought us all comfort, so we took it a step further. Without hesitation, both women stripped to their sweaters and stepped into the shelter of a large conifer. Fingers numb with cold, I pressed the shutter button. The pictures taken that day became a time capsule of sorts, so we could document and commemorate our losses, but also to capture this moment of love for each other, and the healing peacefulness of our surroundings. The Women and Wilderness project was born. This project seeks to capture women who love the wild, who find solace, peace and shelter in reconnecting with nature.

Donate to make the  W+W Project possible.

Thank you for your donation!

Here's how folks have helped so far.


Nicole Lagacé-Toelde

Emma Weisbord

Shaneese Tate 

Chris Spring

Savannah King

Barbara Hacio-Kirby

Kais Henia


  • Word of mouth - Helps spread news of the project and grown the W+W community.

  • places to stay - Often the shoots are farther afield. Folks that live remotely have provided back yard camping, equipment, hosting in their homes, airbnbs.

  • Travel - information and resources

  • Financial donations - a tank of gas and even plane tickets have been donated when the project went cross country in 2020.

This incredible generosity has made

W+W possible!

Want to help? Get in touch!

Last updated January 31, 2024

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