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The Olgas

The Olgas


15x11x9 inches

Mixed Media
Olga Ś. - is quiet, astute. Unbeknownst to most, she suffered hearing loss as a child, the side effect of a hard fall, from her favourite tree. The fall also broke her nose, deviating her septum and leading to a lifetime of snoring. Much to her parents dismay, she refused to have it straightened, in part due to her brother’s fascination of the famous boxer, the prolific Mr. X. Who’d own nose had been turned during his championship win. The dimming of ambient noise never concerned her. A precocious child by nature, she had already retreated into the fantastical world of books.The quiet only served to minimize distraction.
As an adult, her deviated septum led to a string of befuddled lovers, who, woken suddenly by the tsunami of sound emitted from her person, tossed and turned, only to find themselves unceremoniously evicted from Olga’s bed, as their turbulent movements proved most bothersome to her slumber. She chalked it up to the nature of men, and decided that spinsterhood was the most certain way to ensure a good night’s sleep.
True to her bookish nature, she worked in a small library, until the building burned to the ground, the consequence of a child’s forgotten magnifying glass, haphazardly forgotten in a window seat.

Olga W. - is boisterous, ebullient. The youngest of a family of eight children, she quickly learned that attention in her household had to be earned. She did so by providing entertainment, putting on great theatre performances for her siblings on rainy days, of which there were many. She sourced her costumes from an old steamer trunk in the attic, a vestige of her parents' once extravagant lifestyle, before the children. As a teenager she ran away from home to join a vagabond acting troupe, with which she traveled around the globe. She gained some fame and was known as ‘La Dame Rosé, thanks to her propensity for surrounding herself with the most delicate shades of pink, whenever possible. She never married, though not for a lack of trying from her lifelong lover, the diminutive theatre director, Rogé. Together they shared an apartment of Avenue J, and we’re known for hosting the most extravagant parties.

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