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Maternity in the morning

Updated: May 31

The first time I met Iris was at a small coffee shop in Hamilton. When she walked in, she had the biggest smile. I could not wait to do a shoot with her.

She answered an add I posted looking for women willing to be photographed in the great outdoors. I was looking for regular women who love being outside. Iris replied with abundant enthusiasm and a caveat, she was five months pregnant. With twins.

I was concerned at first because the shoot would involve a bit of a hike, and an early morning start.

Not only was Iris enthusiastic, she met me with a set of glam outfit changes, ready to roll. She did the hike in flipflops, refusing to wear shoes. To say I was both in awe, and concerned about the strain would have been an understatement.

Not only did Iris know how to pose, she pushed to go try different locations. To say I was humbled doesn't cut it.

Iris has since given birth to two beautiful babies, and is working on getting enough sleep.

Iris in a forest of blooming Magnolia

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