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Fancy Florals

Flowers and the female body have been depicted together since the dawn of art.

For centuries, women have often been shown as custodians and an extension to the natural world, earthen beauties adorned with botanical accents. Frida Kahlo’s ‘Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’ exemplifies the tenacity of the female connection to the earth, through her relationship to both plant and animal entities. While Images such as Botticelli’s Venus emerging from the sea, take us back all the way to the stone age when fertility Venus were depicted in caves and through earthen figurines.

By using classic, natural lighting techniques such as chiaroscuro and marrying them to muted earth tones, I am honouring the tradition of the female portrait through a contemporary format. In this age of digitization and connectivity, it is important to recognize that this connection of Woman and Earth is still very present in our fast-paced society.

Simple lighting can have a very dramatic effect. Here I'm using nothing but daylight against a dark velvet curtain

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