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Dundas Veterinary Hospital

A day in the Life.

I recently worked a shoot that is really dear to my heart, for the Dundas Animal Hospital. I photographed the coming and goings of a day at the clinic, along with the staff, their pets, and patients.

We've gotten to know this place well; my partner and I are frequent flyers to the clinic. One of our pups, Molly, has a severe heart defect and requires medication multiple times a day. With their help, our girl, who was given three months to live, has been thriving for almost two years. Every one of the staff has been caring, and compassionate. We count ourselves very lucky.

The icing on the cake is that Dr. Shawn and his wife Chrim also adopted a tiny foster kitten we took in this spring, and we could not have asked for a better home than with them and their two wonderful daughters.

Here's a little excerpt of the pet portraits from the day.

Pepper, our foster kitten who got adopted by Dr. Shawn and his family

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